Black Mike

September 22, 2008

Black Mike the dope boy disappeared last week.  I saw him arguing with two one of the men with the dreadlocks.

I’m pretty sure I was the last person to see Black Mike.



September 13, 2008

After the five got settled in, I remember hearing something that sounded like chanting coming from deep inside the house.  Drumming and chanting.

I thought “Oh great, now we’ve got house full of voodoo priests on the block.”

It was nice, though.  I can’t lie.

The Move-In

September 12, 2008

They’ve been here since the spring. The old Jenkins house had been vacant for some years, but Mrs. Jenkins grandkids didn’t want to sell.  Well I guess these dudes made the right offer because they slid right on in.

The real quiet one moved in first — middle of the night, around April.  When I say real quiet, I mean I’ve never heard this guy say one word ever in life.

The sissy and the real wild one moved in next.  Again, middle of the night.  I saw them come out of a Yellow Cab with duffle bags and a trunk.  I’ve seen the wild one all over the place, getting into fights and clubs and all.

The last one I saw move in was the one who acts like the leader.  Well, i didn’t see him “move in” — it looked more like they rescued him.  I mean, one day he looked homeless and the next day he looked like a million bucks.

The fifth one just kind of showed up one day.  Not sure when he moved in.

But it’s just sort of crazy.  Five guys in their 20s living in one house just appearing over the course of the summer.  None of them work, at least not real 9-5 jobs.

Open up your fucking eyes

September 11, 2008

These are not rumors, these are facts.

In a regular-looking rowhouse near Malcolm X Park lives five black guys.  They all have dreadlocks.  They keep to themselves for the most part, but trust, they’re not what they seem.

One of them is your average sissy.  You can just look at him and tell.  Thinner than the rest, face looks real “delicate” or something.  Reminds me of that light skinned fag on youtube, but with dreads.  He looks like he might even be biracial, but I’ve heard they’re all straight from Africa, so I don’t know what to say about that.

But none of the rest seem gay, so that’s not the big issue.   And don’t get it twisted, it has nothing to do with them being immigrants.

They’re just evil…and now I don’t have any substantial proof yet, but believe me…I will post it here as I piece it together.