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Open up your fucking eyes

September 11, 2008

These are not rumors, these are facts.

In a regular-looking rowhouse near Malcolm X Park lives five black guys.  They all have dreadlocks.  They keep to themselves for the most part, but trust, they’re not what they seem.

One of them is your average sissy.  You can just look at him and tell.  Thinner than the rest, face looks real “delicate” or something.  Reminds me of that light skinned fag on youtube, but with dreads.  He looks like he might even be biracial, but I’ve heard they’re all straight from Africa, so I don’t know what to say about that.

But none of the rest seem gay, so that’s not the big issue.   And don’t get it twisted, it has nothing to do with them being immigrants.

They’re just evil…and now I don’t have any substantial proof yet, but believe me…I will post it here as I piece it together.